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It’s time to get down and dirty! Did you think financial experts agree on everything? OG has his boxing gloves on for this episode because today we’re wrestling with topics financial experts can’t agree upon. Fighting with him today from the amazing podcast Afford Anything, we welcome Paula Pant, and from the compelling podcast Earn and Invest, (formerly What’s Up Next?), we’ll also say hello to the Doc G. It’s a great crew and we think you’ll love the conversation they discuss as they wrestle with today’s topics.

We know it’s fun to hang out in the basement, but Peak Money makes saving money look like fun no matter where you are! Today during our Friday FinTech segment, Joe will talk with Jonathan Yagel and Michael Brooks from Peak Money about how they’re able to help people save more money toward their goals. It’s an exciting journey that most of our listeners want to pursue. Who doesn’t want more money toward their next vacation? I rest my case.

And finally, during our Magnify Money segment, OG really hits it hard with the punches but Paula and Doc pick up the slack. They answer a question about what category a 401k savings plan should be in, when filling out a spreadsheet. Is it an expense or saving? We’ll get our team’s cracking answer on today’s show!

As always, of course we’ll quiz our contributors with Joe’s Mom’s neighbor Doug’s amazing trivia. How much did the first Barbie cost? It’s all exciting questions and answers on today’s show.





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> The Simpsons Tapped Out Donuts FREE <