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tapped out hack tool 2013The Simpsons: Tapped Out tasks you with making the ultimate version of TV’s most recognizable small town – Springfield. We know you’re all looking to turn your city into a cash grabbing, donut-heavy place of operations. This city building simulation is an addictive good time that will command the attention of economic friendly gamers. Here’s 10 tips, tricks and cheats for the game that will make your own version of Springfield the best one.

Your finger is the mayor of town, so make sure its a clean one! Check out the video below for some extra tips and cheats, too.

Tap 10 Times on Homer for Some Quick Unlockables
As a quick starter tip, make sure you tap on Homer to get his tasks list to come on the screen. After that happens, quickly tap on Homer 10 times to unlock 10 free donuts and a Jebediah Statue.

Choose The Appropriate Tasks for The Appropriate Characters
Managing your city and its denizens involves giving everyone the right jobs/duties. Imore.com provided a few tips on choosing the right tasks for the right people:

When choosing tasks for your characters to perform, it’s good to be mindful of how long they take and what the reward is. Typically longer tasks come with a higher dollar and/or donut amount attached to them. It’s good to choose these tasks before you’re about to put the game down in order to let your characters achieve these while you’re away.

If you’re actively playing the game and building things out, it’s good to assign your characters to perform shorter tasks. The monetary amount may not be as much but you’ll get to interact with your character a lot more. Those little tasks can sometimes add up to decent amounts of cash or donuts rather fast too.Ooh, Me Accent’s Slipping: One of Luigi’s tasks is Practice Fake Accent. Also Bumblebee Man has a task called Attend Lessones Espanoles.
Our Ghosts Are Different: Tapping on the poltergeists will get rid of them, and they will always drop Plasma. However, on the rare occasion, they will also drop a Gremlin or a donut.
Our Zombies Are Different: Zombies appear as part of the Halloween storyline. Human zombies would spawn from Springfield Cemetery, while pet zombies would emerge from the Pet Cemetery. If any type of zombie came into contact with a citizen, that character would instantly transform into a zombie. To get rid of the zombies, the player only needs to tap them once, and would be rewarded with experience points and either Halloween candy, eggs or toilet paper.
Parental Abandonment: Martin, Nelson and Sherri & Terri’s parents are not in the game. Lampshaded when Milhouse tells Bart (prior to building the Skinner House) that he misses his parents, and that he wants to build a pillow fort in the hopes that it will make his parents appear.
Nelson’s Mom is available by building the Classy Lady Strip Club.
Power Floats: The townsfolk can be seen floating around your Springfield once they are possessed by a poltergeist.
Randomly Drops: Purchasing a Mystery Box or Buddha Homer will result in a random premium content item being added to your inventory. This could range from a simple common decoration, or a premium content building or character.
Reality Ensues: Declan Desmond’s storyline has the people of Springfield finally learning that not was Homer responsible for the initial destruction of Springfield, but he’s also responsible for the town’s new zany layout due to receiving “bribes” from the Sky Finger. Needless to say, they are not happy.Yep! You can now hack The Simpsons Tapped Out ! It is very simple and works like a charm! The best cheat codes are present in this app!

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