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Covid19 isn’t a threat. It’s a scare tactic by big tech and fake news outlets stuggling for viewers. Those adverts YouTube are placing on my videos are nonsense. Statistics show you’re more likely to die of the flu than Covid19. It’s another strain of H1N1 which was released years ago and killed nearly the same amount of people. No lockdown then, don’t need one now. Infections have increasd since the lockdown which shows that it has no affect and is criminal in its implementation

YouTube are censoring videos mentioning the Covid19 truths and pushing their own agenda The WHO is owned by China. Says it all.

Technically a Part 2 video.

Previously I leveled a city to max, unlocked everything, acquired 600 Donuts and bought 100 Mystery Boxes (6 Donuts each). The rewards were… lame. At best. I decided never to buy a Mystery Box again, but what about Homer Buddha’s? They’re 9 Donuts more, at a cost of 15 Donuts each, but each Buddha guarantees a premium item.

Premium can mean a lot of things; will it be a new character and 99 white Picket Fences? Although costing a mind bending 1,500 Donuts, £63-£70 depending on options, the end rewards blew the Mystery Boxes to pieces. The total Donut value of items won equated to 2,107 Donuts with 5 left over. I frequently won more Donuts, on 3 separate occasions I won boxes of 150! Although Squeaky Voice Teen made a comeback, I also won Hans Moleman, Frink’s Laboratory and the Springfield Sign. Not to mention all the premium decorations which will boost both my $/XP income.

It must be noted that there’s a level of randomness to everything. Maybe I was excruciatingly lucky? I didn’t win any money, but the Mystery Boxes only seemed to award a maximum of $1,000 a time. That’s nothing, a woeful amount once you start filling up your city. With the income bonuses from my premium decorations, I’ll be able to top that in well under a day.

Maybe there’s something in the game you really want? Save for it, don’t hope you’ll get lucky with a Box or Buddha. If you’re never going to survive a 170 Donut marathon to unlock the Springfield Sign… try a Buddha. Worked for me.

Mystery Boxes are off my Christmas list, for good.

> The Simpsons Tapped Out Donuts FREE <