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tapped out gold hackAdam Smith Hates Your Guts: Those boardwalks for the Squidport pier. Not only does the price go up each time, but so does the length in time it takes for the game to cough them up.
For a time, there was a glitch that allowed collecting multiple boardwalks once you’re done building if multiple neighbors tap on it when visiting you. This greatly eases the pain of waiting days for a single section to be built. This was patched in the Valentines 2014 Update.
A God Is You: Some of the characters refer to the player as one during in-quest dialogue.
Alternate Self/My Future Self and Me: In the Sci-Fi 2016 event, you don’t earn costumes, but characters from alternate universes and the future instead. Homer variants that previously appeared as costumes show up as their own characters (and if the original Homer is wearing a costume matching one of his alternates, he would have special dialogue). Meanwhile, future versions of characters include Moocher Bart, President Lisa, Rockstar Maggie, Robo Burns, and Doggy Smithers.
Amusement Park: A while in, the game grants the player access to a secondary location known as Krustyland, which, despite being geographically located elsewhere in the in-game universe, has still met the same fate as Springfield at the start of the game. Explained as it was abandonned for a long time and thus needed to be rebuilt.
And the Adventure Continues: In “The Buck Stops Here, The Work Also” (the last non-premium quest when the game first launched), Homer leaves Mayor Quimby to lead the rebuilding efforts of Springfield, with the following dialogue occurring:
Homer: Don’t worry, there’s plenty more of Springfield to create… including brothels and sleazy motels.
Marge: No, NOT including those.
Homer: Okay, not those. But there’s a lot more to build and do… as long as those lazy game designers are still on the ball. I give it 50-50.The Benefits of Our Cheats

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5. After the overhaul completed, sign into your TSTO account and enter your town ensure everything is normal.

6. Wrap up!
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The Simpsons Tapped Out Secret

How to get the Jebidiah Statue and 10 Doughnuts in The Simpsons Tapped Out. You can only do this once per origin account. Leave a comment on other IOS games you want me to do a glitch/secrets video on. Please Like and Subscribe for more Glitches and Walkthroughs

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