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tapped out hack for ipadThe game may be considered a city-building game. It offers a variety of buildings (houses, shops, public buildings from the animation series) that the player buys with “Money ($ )” in-game currency. Premium items are bought with donuts which can also be purchased with real-world cash. This references Homer Simpson’s passion for donuts within the series. The player uses building and character quest-lines to make in-game progress. By completing quests and levels, the player collects more characters and buildings unlocking further quests and levels. Each building regularly generates in-game money to collect, under names such as “Income tax” from houses and the “Collection plate” from the First Church of Springfield. Players can place rivers, roads, pavement and decorations on the land. In 2013, developers added the “Krustyland” transporter, to get players from Springfield to the infamous Krustyland, where they can expand and build like the main Springfield game.

The game is supported by EA’s Origin, which acts as a social bridge to where players log in to their Origin accounts and visit friends’ towns to collect cash once every 24 hours; and occasionally other tasks during an event.

There is a hidden easter egg where, in order to obtain the statue of Jebediah Springfield decoration, the player must tap Homer 10 times in a row whilst he is performing any task. This action also gives the player 10 free donuts, but can only work once.

The maximum number of levels is currently 60 since the May 18, 2016 update.Referenced by…: Tapped Out itself has made a few appearances on the show:
In “A Tree Grows in Springfield”, Homer, enjoying his new MyPad, tells Marge that it has awesome games like “Tapped Out”, which he tries to bring up, only to see an “unavailable” screen featuring a repairman staring at a computer.
In “Labor Pains”, Homer opens an app called The Simpsons Tapped Out, and he gets an “Your credit card has been charged 0” notice.
During the closing scene of “The Musk Who Fell From Earth”, Elon Musk has the game displayed on a computer.
Remember When You Blew Up The Sun: After the Ayn Rand School for Tots is built during “The End of the Beginning” quests, Homer starts repeatedly boasting about blowing up the town.
Rewarding Vandalism: When you go into a friend’s Springfield, you can complete up to three tasks a day, in the sense that you can collect money and experience points from houses and shops. When you click on the Moe’s Tavern, Springfield Elementary, Police Station or Town Hall buildings, however, you can vandalise them in exchange for the usual money and EXP.
In the 2012 Halloween update, you also had the option of vandalising the houses with eggs and the trees with toilet paper, each and every single one offering Halloween candy in exchange.
In the Whacking Day update, any snake eggs you collected in your own Springfield could be planted in your friends’ towns instead.
Bart, Milhouse and Shauna each have a 2-hour task called Paintball in the Brown House, while Nelson has a 30-minute task of Shoot car with B Bs. Nelson and Kearney, being school bullies, both have a 10-minute task of Dump spoiled coleslaw in the Van Houten House. During one of the storylines, Martin shared the task to Paintball in the Brown House.
The 2013 Halloween update lets you possess friends’ houses, and you can drop gremlins in their town to steal GOO.Today we’re sharing new simpsons tapped out donut hack android & simpsons tapped out donut hack ipad no survey at no cost. From the writers of The Simpsons, tap right into a city building recreation that allows you to create your personal residing, respiratory Springfield… for FREE. You might get your limitless Money and Donuts for The Simpsons Tapped Out straight away on-line. After that simply put your desired simpsons tapped out coins & simpsons tapped out donuts.

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simpsons tapped out hack repoBreakout Character: While many of the minor characters can be unlocked, particular note goes to the likes of Miss Springfield, Lugash, Hank Scorpio, Tom O’Flanagan, Herman Hermann, Rex Banner, Drederick Tatum, Shauna, Arnie Pye and Booberella, who either don’t make many appearances in the series, or have only appeared in one episode.
Bribing Your Way to Victory: Players can purchase premium content by purchasing donuts using real money. These donuts can also be used to purchase in-game money and complete tasks instantly for experience. There are only two ways to succeed in this game: a buttload of time, or a buttload of money.
Bumbling Dad: The premise of the game is caused by Homer not paying attention at work.
Butt Monkey: Strangely enough, a building serves this role. The Brown House suffers break-ins, paintball matches, copper wire thefts, and Mayor Quimby’s sexual liaisons. Otto sleeps there, Homer (before Marge’s return) uses their well-stocked fridge to feed the fridge, and everyone uses it as their go-to place for undesirable activities, from mob hits to human sacrifices. Lampshaded a LOT.
Canine Companion: Santa’s Little Helper, Frink’s robotic dog and the K9 Officer.
The tie-in with the episode “Every Man’s Dream” adds “Homer Dog”◊ to the list.
The Casino: The Casino Event in February/March 2016 has several, most notably Burns’ Casino.
Celebrity Star: In a fashion. Players could unlock premium character Abraham Lincoln during the 4th July update.
An in-universe example is the inclusion of Krusty the Clown, Kent Brockman, Wolfcastle, Arnie Pye and Booberella.
Chekhov’s Gag: In an episode tie-in, Comic Book Guy says “Well, I don’t have a Japanese girlfriend yet — SPOILER ALERT!” 9 months later, Kumiko is brought into the game, and dates (and later, marries) him.
City of Everywhere: The St.Patrick’s Day update allows you to build O’Flanagan’s Pub, which in the Simpsons universe, is originally located in Ireland. Blarney Castle was also added in the Thanksgiving 2015 mini update. Additionally, the Volcano Lair and the Cool Brown House were originally located in Cyprus Creek.The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a City building game created in early 2012. It features characters from the hit TV show The Simpsons and starts out with Homer Simpson at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Homer is playing a game on his mypad with his feet up and ranting about having to wait after completing a task in his game. Oblivious, completely unaware of his surroundings, suddenly he does something to cause a meltdown, changing Springfield as we know it forever. At this point you’re back in Springfield and everything is gone. Including; the roads, houses, people, and everything else. It’s just Homer in a field of nothing but garbage. Your job is to help Homer rebuild Springfield by completing tasks within the game. As you complete the tasks, you will slowly unlock new items, and characters into your Springfield bringing things back to normal. The game was originally designed for Android and IOS devices. However, can be played on the computer with BlueStacks emulator. WARNING! This is game is EXTREMELY fun.
The adventure starts with Homer accidentally causes a meltdown that wiped out Springfield. It is up to the players to rebuild the town and help Homer find his family and friends. Players can complete quest and missions to earn virtual money, experience points and donuts that are used to purchase, customize and expand the town with new structures, buildings, decorations and characters.
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There is no point of explaining you what The Simpsons is. Everyone had to watched or at least heard about this marvelous animation. This time you will be able to play as your favorite family on your portable devices. Your job is to recreate Springfield after silly incident when Homer destroyed it. However, in order to achieve it you can build boring buildings one by one or skip that part and move on to more exciting moments when you will be able to crate whole housing estates and build restaurants well known from the cartoon like Moe’s bar.
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