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Rupee Idle Simulation by CYMPL (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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Enter the Race now! A Race of being the Richest Businessman in the Rupee Race World.

Game Features
– Plant & Upgrade plots to earn higher profits.
– Use your own strategy to collect higher profits.
– Control the Pump and Bonus smartly!
– Sell your businesses and collect RUPEES!
– Move from Village to Town to Metro as you unlock new cards.
– Collect Duplicate Cards to earn even more plot profits.

– Enjoy this game even in offline mode. Collect profits endlessly and spend wisely on plots to collect even more profits.

– Collect New Arena Cards by Unlocking Chests.
– Activate the PUMP and BONUS for higher profits.

Chintamoney does not believe in VIOLENCE! Rupee Race can be enjoyed by everyone! Wait.. who is CHINTAMONEY?

Play Rupee Race now and become the next Crorepati, Arabopati and even Kharabopati!!

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