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Hey what’s going on guys, Ted2001 here!

In this TSTO let’s play series you will be able to see what I have been doing in my town recently, with all the updates that come with events in gameplay! ?

TSTO “Krusty’s Last Gasp Online” 2019
TSTO Last Gasp Stage
TSTO Krusteteer’s Set
TSTO Klub Krusty Pool
TSTO Krusty’s Retreat
TSTO Sideshow Lisa Costume Outfit Walkthrough
TSTO Krusty Koins

How to get donuts –

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Town & Krustyland tour overviews!
Others showcases…
Episode 100 –
Episode 200 –
Episode 300 –
Episode 400 –

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The Tapped Out is a free mobile game for iOS and Android, based on the American animated series The Simpsons. It allows users to create and maintain their own version of Springfield using familiar characters and buildings. The game is constantly being updated with new, often season-specific content, for example during holidays like Thanksgiving, and Treehouse of Horror episodes-related content For Halloween. Not limited to English-speaking players, the game is available in many languages such as French, Italian, German,Simplified Chinese, Peninsular Spanish and both European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. The game was developed and published by EA Mobile and launched in the EU on February 29, 2012 and in US on March 1, 2012 for iOS[1] and February 6, 2013 for Android.[2] The game was released for Kindle Fire devices in several markets on June 24, 2013.[3] According to its own estimates, EA generated over $130 million in revenue since the game’s release.[4] For BlackBerry 10, the Android version of the game can be downloaded via Amazon App Store.

What’s new?

Age may be nothing but a number, but it turns out numbers are pretty important – that’s why everyone’s a lot happier to be back to normal. So abandon those babies (generally bad advice) and start preparing for Springfield’s next adventure! Will it be a harvest holiday or a sinister showdown? Maybe the Tapped Out Oracle will come out of her cave and tell us! That is, unless she sees her shadow. Hmm, am I mixing up local legends again? Either way, stay tuned for more Tapped Out!

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