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Some details I didn’t mention in the

This glitch can be performed when at any friendship level.

You can go in and out of the friend section in the game and even come out of the game and the glitch will still work.

It doesn’t earn very much money (50 cash) each time so you have to use this technique a lot of times before a significant amount of money is made. However, it is worth considering being patient and using this technique as a money making method because it will increase your town development rapidly when at a low level because you can perform this glitch to earn money an unlimited amount of times with no time gap. At a high level in the game it is a waste of time and is not effective

The Other Springfield Town has to be at level 20 to perform this glitch successfully. It will not work once this town level increases so make the most of it while it’s there!

It works on Android and IOS

Best of Luck!

> The Simpsons Tapped Out Donuts FREE <