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tapped out hack on computer hackEA Mobile launched the latest major content update in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. The update features a new storyline, which sees the citizens of Springfield become superheroes to defeat villains in battles.

As part of this update, players will build the new Orphan Alley item in their towns. This item will produce villains every four hours, and users can send their superheroes to the alley to compete against those villains in turn-based battles.

During battles, players can either attack with the current superhero on their turn, or switch to another superhero. Superheroes come in three different types (muscle, brains and tech), and these types relate to villains in a “rock, paper, scissors” style.

As characters take damage during battles, players can use special Sciencewater items to heal them and prevent them from being knocked out. If a superhero has remaining damage once a battle ends, it will need to heal over time before it can be used in battle again.

Gamers earn brass knuckles and Finite Stones as they complete battles. As users collect brass knuckles in bulk, they’ll unlock prizes such as buildings and healing items. Finite Stones, meanwhile, can be used to upgrade heroes and increase their maximum health.

Elsewhere, this update allows players to tap on criminals walking around their towns (and their friends’ towns) to collect extra brass knuckles, as well as trading cards. Trading cards can be used to purchase event items such as decorations and Band-Aids. These Band-Aids can be used to instantly heal superheroes after battles.

In addition to being used in battles, superheroes can be sent to another new building, Burns’ Summer Mansion, to generate items called Square Inches. A player can use Square Inches to increase their tapping radius, allowing them to eliminate more Criminals in their towns with each tap.

Finally, players can purchase new themed items in the game’s store. For instance, the National Bank of Springfield building is available for 80 Donuts, while a Rad Mobile decoration can be purchased for 0,000. Players can also purchase Fruit Bat Man, an additional superhero for their teams, for 90 Donuts.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.Experience Points: The game allows you to level up, thus gaining access to new characters, buildings and decorations. Lampshaded frequently, including in cutscenes and at level-ups.
Eye of Newt: Marge’s alternate costume gives her a one-hour task of purchasing this.
Fem Bot: R.O.S.A., the Robotic Offspring-Sitting Automaton, is a robot nanny who works at the nuclear plant’s daycare center. Her job is to give children incentives to perform manual labor and reward them donuts for completing their tasks. The ultimate goal of the final main quests is to recover her parts and rebuild her in order to learn the truth behind the plant’s meltdown.
Five-Finger Discount: Kearney and Shauna both have a 30-minute task, Shoplift from the Kwik-E-Mart. Surprisingly, this is averted with Nelson, who is also categorised as a ‘Toughie’.
Jimbo and Dolph have variant versions of this task; Jimbo’s is Four Finger Discount and Dolph’s is simply Shoplift.
Fixing the Game: The mini-games in the 2016 Casino event have two cheating mechanisms each:
In the slots game you can (a) kick the machine until you get the top prize or (b) if the left and right hand slots show drunk Barney but not the middle you can stick a crudely-drawn Barney over it to get the top prize.
For the dice game you can (a) claim the game is fixed and that you actually picked the number showing on the dice during your third roll or (b) switch the dice for a pair of blue-starred ones.
Lastly, the card game has (a) Homer regressing to being a blackjack dealer should you drive five cards with a sum total of 21 or (b) draw five red cards to get The Royal Sampler
Fourth-Wall Observer: Wolfcastle, especially when one reads his unlock message.
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