> The Simpsons Tapped Out Donuts FREE <

Now then bros, i’ll be showing you the hack for TSTO! Be sure to watch the whole video and do it correctly!

Im not great at explaining but i tried, poor audio at 3:43 to 4:51 (apologies)

I thought this was just the donut hack but turns out it’s the cash/donut hack.

NEW Hack Link’s ?

First Download and Install-


Then Download and Install-


You uninstall your original Tapped Out FIRST!

Download the first hack download link, wait until it downloads the updates, (this took me over 1 hour) then play the game for a few minutes.

After that download the second link and open it.

Let it download the updates yet again (this only takes a few minutes) and boom the hack is done.

Then log into your EA account.

Credit goes to: damar1sthacks who created this cool hack ? http://damarist.de/simpsons-mods/

BIG Thanks to?
Metal Scar

For showing me how to do this hack.


The Simpsons Theme – Remix

———————————————————— HACK gives Unlimited Money, Unlimited Donuts, Unlimited Land Tokens, All items are free, Things that cost donuts including characters/skin, decorations and buildings. ———————————————————— Add me on TSTO! My name is: Kenny86Merry.

Thanks for watching.


> The Simpsons Tapped Out Donuts FREE <