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The Tapped Out
10/3/2019 New Krusty ? Glitch
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Happy donuts ❤️??❤️
The Simpsons Tapped Out
March Glitch 100% working!!!
It’s another Krusty Burger glitch
Just follow the video –
Start by sending all your Characters (I sent 300+) on the same daily challenge (Make Springfielders Check out Latest Krusty Burger Promotion) then after you tap on the completed task head straight over to your neighbours town and then return back to find all the characters waiting again at the Krusty Burger ..
Just keep repeating these steps. Good luck ??

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The Simpsons Tapped out is a surprisingly easy game to play. It falls into the genre of a construction simulation game. Much like Sim City, gamers will rebuild the city of Springfield after Homer finally screws up at the power plant bad enough to blow up the whole town. Along with the rebuilding, there is a story line underneath where Homer has to find his fellow Springfield residents and his family. So between both of those, there is always something to do.


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