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I’ve spent a lot of time on Tapped Out and frequently found myself drawn towards Mystery Boxes. At 6 Donuts a time, the allure of a premium item was all too much. But I never seemed to win anything of terrific value.

The rewards are random, I’m quite aware of that, but Homer Buddha’s guarantee a premium item each time. They cost more than double at 15 Donuts instead of 6, however would they drop comparable loot?

Premium items give repeatable quests, an hourly sum of $/XP or a percentage boost to both $/XP income. Regular items don’t, however they do boost Conformity ratings which in turn provide boosts to $/XP gained. Conformity ratings are capped, so an abundance or regular items will be wasted space in your town.

Regular items can all be purchased through Simpson Dollars though. Aside from mega-structures such as the Popsicle Stick Tower, there’s very little to spend money on at the higher levels. When you first start playing Donuts come in thick and fast, so is it wise to waste them on gambles or save for the end game?

This will need a test. I leveled a city to max, cleared out the inhabitants/buildings so the game could award them again and acquired enough Donuts for 100 Mystery Boxes; 600 Donuts or £28. Would it be a total waste of time and money? would I get anything of legitimate value?


I guess the next thing to do is buy 100 Homer Buddha’s…

> The Simpsons Tapped Out Donuts FREE <