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Characters with a speech bubble Tapped Out Exclamation Mark.png have a quest. Tapping on this character will start the quest, usually showing some dialogue. The player is required to send characters to different jobs, build a certain building or place some decorations for completing the quest, and will be rewarded with Cash and XP once completing it. Tapping on the Task book on the left side of the screen will allow you to see all the active quests you need to complete. Completing quests will also unlock more content.
Each day, players can also complete daily challenges to win extra cash and XP. The game offers also many other different sources of income such as growing crops in Cletus’s farm, betting on who will win in the Springfield Downs and buying Scratch-R’s or programing the broadcast of the Channel News and the Radio Station, as well as trying to catch Sideshow Bob (if not already bought).

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