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What’s up guys today I’m going to be showing you another way to hack TSTO! Hope you enjoy!

1. Download 1-
And then 2-

2. Open the file, and you will see that is says “Unable to open file” that is normal, you need to go to your downloads and tap on the same file. Then you will see two files that are selected. On the top right corner (or wherever for you) it says unzip, tap that and at it load. Then click on the 1.apk and install it.
3. Open the app and let the updates download. DO NOT LOG INTO YOUR EA ACCOUNT YET! If the donut just keeps spinning leave the game for a while and come back on or just turn of WIFI and turn it back on.
4. Once the updates are done play the game for about 2 minutes then leave the game.
5. Come back to you downloads and unzip the file again. Then tap on the 2.apk and let it install. If it fails to install you nay need to download ES file manager-
And follow the instructions in the video.
6. Open the app and let the updates download again, this time it should be super fast.
7. Once it’s done and you see that icon you know that the hack is finished! NOW YOU CAN LOG INTO YOUR EA ACCOUNT.
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Unlimited/Free Donuts
Unlimited/Fee Money
Past promotions items available Free
Everything is free
Place anything anywhere for free
Check out Teamtsto who created this hack-

And check out his awesome website!-

I do not own any of the music that is in this video, it belongs to its rightful owner.
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> The Simpsons Tapped Out Donuts FREE <