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For this all you will need Game Hacker for android and obviously The Simpsons Tapped Out. Once you open the game, open Game Hacker and input the value of the resource you want to mod. It may ask you to go into the game and change the value and insert the new number so it can narrow down the results, once you’ve got it down to few enough results you just put the number you want it to be and press modify. Getting greedy can cause the game to crash which will make your hacked donuts disappear, you will still have all your progress gained by using the donuts and all money, elixir, XP, gold etc. Gained from using this mod, the only thing that doesn’t stay after the game is closed are the modded donuts. Its likely that the game will crash eventually, one way around this is modding your XP and changing it to 999999999 and touch anything that will give you xp and your level will increase several times and the donuts you get will stay if you close the game ? it just takes more time to get a bunch.

You will notice the value doesn’t change automatically, if you mod the donut amount, tap anything you can spend donuts on and once you spend then it will refresh the amount to the modded amount. This goes for XP, elixir, tickets, gold and money. Simply spend some of whatever resource you have modded and it will refresh to the new amount.

Values I’ve found to be most stable
Elixir -100k
Donuts – 749
XP – 99999999

More game tutorial/ mod videos are on the way, if you need help I’ll be glad to help you, if you can’t figure it out message me and I’ll do whatever I can! If you’ve got any suggestions for tutorials or games hack request comment below please ? Feel free to subscribe ?

Song – If You Need Me I’m Gone – Brian Altano

> The Simpsons Tapped Out Donuts FREE <