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In this video, I will show you how to get “Cash”, “Donuts”, & “Max level” in The Simpsons™ Tapped Out for free on Android or on windows 10.
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The apps links are here:
~~~~~~~~~~▼Download links▼~~~~~~~~~~
◉ The Simpsons Tapped Out ▷▶ http://adf.ly/1nLNqx
◉ The Simpsons Tapped Out ▷▶ http://adf.ly/1nLNq3 (MOD, Free purchases)
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▷▶ https://yourchannelua.wixsite.com/yourchannel
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◉ Lucky Patcher ▷▶http://adf.ly/1gtxwu (website)
◉ Game Guardian ▷▶http://adf.ly/1gtxal (website)
◉ Xmod Games ▷▶http://adf.ly/1lrHlR (website)

~~~~~▼Android apk links(Google drive)▼~~~~~
▷▶Note: All apps are updated to the latest version.
◉ CreeHack ▷▶ http://adf.ly/1kBjYx
◉ CreeHack pro ▷▶ http://adf.ly/1lGyuj
◉ Freedom app ▷▶ http://adf.ly/1gtxxj
◉ Lucky Patcher ▷▶http://adf.ly/1gwWGL
◉ Game Guardian ▷▶http://adf.ly/1hkRpl
◉ Game hacker ▷▶ http://adf.ly/1gtzrB
◉ Game killer ▷▶http://adf.ly/1gtzs0
◉ Xmod Games ▷▶http://adf.ly/1lrGkR
◉ Apex Launcher pro ▷▶http://adf.ly/1hkWLP
◉ ES File explorer Pro ▷▶http://adf.ly/1hkVZh
◉ Game hacker ▷▶ http://adf.ly/1hkMKg (Рус.)
◉ Game killer ▷▶http://adf.ly/1hkW3i (Рус.)

~~~~~~~~~~▼Root apps links▼~~~~~~~~~~
▷▶Note: All apps are updated to the latest version.
◉ Towel root ▷▶http://adf.ly/1guCQ3
◉ King root ▷▶http://adf.ly/1guCSR
◉ Kingo root ▷▶http://adf.ly/1guCUB
◉ Oneclick root ▷▶http://adf.ly/1hkPMq
◉ iroot ▷▶http://adf.ly/1hkR53
◉ BS Helper ▷▶ http://adf.ly/1gtxZp
◉ Root checker ▷▶ http://adf.ly/1gtxXG
◉ Superuser X Pro ▷▶http://adf.ly/1hkL9X
◉ Root checker Pro ▷▶ http://adf.ly/1hkVCn

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~~~~~~~~~~▼Tutorials links▼~~~~~~~~~~~
◉ Game hacker complete tutorial 2017
⇒ https://youtu.be/2IhoFItVkIA
◉ Game Guardian complete tutorial 2017/How to use Game Guardian link:
⇒ https://youtu.be/oOYootCoqhM
◉ How to use Freedom in-app purchases for free on Android 2017 (APPS).
⇒ https://youtu.be/wBhTCP1h9sU
◉ Freedom app complete tutorial Android 2017 (Games).
⇒ https://youtu.be/vhXJSVctsRc

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