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In this video I go over the Items “Nero’s Palace Casino”, “Chinese Acrobatic Theatre”, “Peacock Lounge”, “Nero’s Palace Arch”, “Nero’s Wall”, “Caesar’s Pow-Wow Casino”, “Pow-Wow’s Casino Sign”, “Springfield Falls”, “Nero’s Fountain”, “Sequence Fountain 3-4, “Exotic Tree”, “Cowgirl Sign”, “Life-sized Spruce Moose”, “Dupes Sign”, “Black Diamond Players Club Tower
“. I go over the characters “Gabbo and Arthur”, “Reclusive Mr. Burns”, “Tribal Chief”. I also go over the quest “The Wages of Sin”.

A brand new series where you get to help me design my town! In this first episode it will be casino themed! Email me your screen shots with your town name at [email protected]

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“Crazy Glue (instrumental)” by Josh Woodward

Tobu & Etori – Obstacles

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> The Simpsons Tapped Out Donuts FREE <