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In this video I go over the Items “Nero’s Palace Casino”, “Chinese Acrobatic Theatre”, “Peacock Lounge”, “Nero’s Palace Arch”, “Nero’s Wall”, “Caesar’s Pow-Wow Casino”, “Pow-Wow’s Casino Sign”, “Springfield Falls”, “Nero’s Fountain”, “Sequence Fountain 3-4, “Exotic Tree”, “Cowgirl Sign”, “Life-sized Spruce Moose”, “Dupes Sign”, “Black Diamond Players Club Tower
“. I go over the characters “Gabbo and Arthur”, “Reclusive Mr. Burns”, “Tribal Chief”. I also go over the quest “The Wages of Sin”.


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In this Injustice Gods Among Us video, we talk about the repeat for the Killer Frost II Challenge.

For this repeat, we will be doing all three difficulties together, but one question I must ask before we start the challenges.

In the past, a lot of earlier Injustice Challenges required 2 and 3 Challenge Credits for Expert and Nightmare, does this challenge follow the same rules?

We will be livestreaming AND recording the challenge at around 12 noon on Tuesday afternoon.

For WWE Immortals, we will begin around 11:30-noon on Thursday, barring real life.

Sunday and Monday I am going to see Deadpool and watching Monday Night RAW live, Tuesday and Wednesday I will be going over BMoney’s house and streaming MKXL. Thursday will be an open day, or it could be more KOTH.

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