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In this new joke video ill be doing a the simpsons tapped out hack and getting 15,000 donuts, i came across this simpsons tapped out donut hack when i was doing research for this video same as the last video i did that was like this one.

In this video ill be showing you how to get free donuts in the simpsons tapped out game as we all know buying in-game items with real money can sometimes be very expensive well with this little cheat were able to enjoy this game like if we were rich and able to spend tons of money on the game simpsons tapped out.

With this cool little simpsons tapped out cheat we might have the chance to have at our disposal unlimited free donuts, now i myself may call this a giant feat we have accomplished here 🙂 so stop wasting time and share this cool little hack/cheat with your simpson tapped out playing friend and get a laugh from their disapointment.

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> The Simpsons Tapped Out Donuts FREE <