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Inaugural Meeting of the tinyML Phoenix-Area meet up Group

1. Introduction – Opening Remarks, A. Spanias (3 min)
2. The tiny ML Foundation and MeetUps, E. Gousev (5 min)
3. Connection to the MEMS & Sensors Community in Phoenix, S. Whalley (5 min)
4. Introduction of Speaker, S. Jayasuriya (3 min)
5. tinyML Machine Learning at the Edge of the Cloud, Mike Stanley, (40min)
6. Discussion and Q&A Session, S. Jayasuriya (moderator)
7. Next Steps (all)

tinyML Implementation Considerations for Machine Learning at the Edge of the Cloud
Mike Stanley
Most machine learning classes focus on the learning algorithms, but largely ignore larger system issues. This talk examines the broader set of problems that have to be dealt with before any embedded implementation can be brought to market. These range from hardware choices (MCU vs MPU, communications media, sensors, board implementation, etc), packaging issues, machine learning library choices, data collection, feature engineering, cloud interfaces, security and more. All of the above are discussed with the benefit of hindsight from an engineer tasked with putting together an end-to-end design system for embedded machine learning while working for a major semiconductor manufacturer.

Brent Edmondson has made one of the most remarkable pandemic pivots of any musician I know. After spending the last several years subbing regularly with the Philadelphia Orchestra and performing with many other ensembles, Brent found himself, like so many other musicians, with a blank calendar in front of him.

Brent saw the writing on the wall and reached out to several contacts in other areas of the music industry. He soon found himself deep into the film composing world and is currently writing music for shows in production on Netflix.

We talk about this pivot, what Brent had been focusing on in the years leading up to 2020, what he has learned about himself through this process.

I hope you enjoy this insightful conversation with a dear friend, and be sure to check out Brent’s website, his titles on our Sheet Music Store, and my conversation with him from 2021.

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