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Unlicensed Surgeon a Costume for Moe unlocked as the 3rd prize in the “New Year New You” Mini-Event

To get Unlicensed Surgeon Moe – Survival of the Wellest Part 3:
• Collect Dumbells x125
• Make Homer Drink a Green Juice x1
• Make Gluttons Head to Serenity Ranch x3
• Make Sakatumi Meditate on Weight Loss x1
• Make Wiggum Strike a Yoga Pose x1
• Make Quimby Learn Pilates x1

Unlicensed Surgeon Moe – The Ol’ Nip and
Part 1:
Make Barflies Have Drunk Brainstorming Session x3
Part 2:
Make Moe Haggle Prices x1
Part 3:
Make Unlicensed Surgeon Moe Hand Out Flyers at the Prison x1
Part 4:
Make Unlicensed Surgeon Moe Perform Secret Surgery on Big Pookie x1
Part 5:
Make Unlicensed Surgeon Moe Give Wiggum the Ol’ Nip and Tuck x1

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> The Simpsons Tapped Out Donuts FREE <